Terra Crystals

So I’ve purged my GMOD addons and I inadvertently removed the terra crystals, now I can’t find them…

It’s weird, I’ve got the Terrajuice gen\storage and the Terraformer but no crystal entities. Anyone got a link to the terracrystals?

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What are Terra Crystals??

Resources for terraforming.

does ANYONE have an actual link for the terracrystals…you know, red/green terracrystals commonly seen on spacebuild servers…

I looked, couldn’t seem to find anything :frowning:

I’ve never actually seen them on a SB server, except for the Terrajuice storage and the Terraformer.

as far as i remember they were never finished.

well it may not have been completed into the full pack it was gonna be with but I know the Red & Green crystals (giant single colour rocks) and 3 storages that look like they are based off of Aperture Science non-Handheld storage devices.