Terragen 2 + Skybox (FOV?) Problem

I’ve been making a skybox in terragen 2, and after a while of putting together the vmf’s and vtf’s, I managed to screw it up:

I’m thinking it has something to do with the field of view. If I’m right, what do i set it to, and is it vertical or horizontal fov?

Either way it’s probably the most simple thing and i’m overlooking it, anyone know what is going wrong?

I’m certain the FOV should be at 90 degrees, so that the view is square.

BTW, that’s a nice skybox!

Make sure you also turn off global illumination

Alright, Taking your advice and did a small render of them all, and it seemed to work. in a couple of hours I’ll post it and see how it went

Oh and thanks XD

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do you mean the full white sun? =( I thought the skybox looked too pretty to touch it any further

No I mean in the render settings.