Terrain props?

I’ve been doing a lot of setting up for pictures lately, and I do almost all of my work on flatgrass because I want to be responsible for the picture’s environment.

The problem is that some of the scenes I want to set up require things I can’t find. For example, water, and hills.

Are there props for something like natural ground inclines or hills that will mesh well with flatgrass’ texture?

Likewise, I’d love a “water material” so I can just shoot an object and make it look like a body of water (Specifically, I’d like to do this to a very large platform in order to simulate a body of water on flatgrass.

Before anyone suggests it, I HAVE downloaded all kinds of different maps with water, and none of them are appropriate for the setting I’m wanting.

tldr: I can’t find water material to use on objects, nor can I find natural inclines and hills to drop onto flatgrass.

Please help?

There already is a water texture you can use with the material tool, and no, there is no scenic props you are describing.

I’ve seen two water materials. One is perfect, but orange. The other is rushing water, like a waterfall.

Neither of them are what I need. Is there a way to recolor materials that I don’t know about (I’ve tried using the color tool on them, and while it works with stuff like the newspaper material, it doesn’t affect the water material that I want to use.