I made this map at the request of someone who wanted a highway map, which ultimately rejected it due to not meeting certain prerequisites. I thought I’d release it and the source to anyone that wants to fiddle with it.

The map uses both Fortress Forever content and Ep2 content, of which most is BSPZipped into the map. You still need Ep2 for the model textures and possibly a few other things. If you want to modify the VMF, you either need to extract the textures from the BSP with pakrat or install FF and copy the content over.


This map is unfinished and I don't plan on supporting or updating it in any way, so don't PM or ask me about it.


Download: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=74171

I’ve wanted a good highway map for a while. I’ll try it out.

purdy waterfall

This is a very good terrain map… you’ve inspired me. lol

Holy shit… That’s just bloody beautiful…


How on Earth did you create the waterfall?


Ohh, and let me guess, some kind of animated water texture?

I cant see what the map even looks like, its so dark.

You need to turn up the brightness and get your eyes checked.

The waterfall looks too bright compared to the rest of the map. Nice displacements though

Make a day version please?

Quite nice, also /agree on the day version

You have the source, you do it.

The waterfall looks a little out of place with the brightness of it.

dude how do you make terrain like that instead of flat ground on your maps i cant figure it out

Those hills look really weird. Otherwise, I like it.

if anybody else had posted this…

Trackmania Sunrise.

Would be awesome if it went in circles.


Very nice, butt I think the hills need more foliage.