Terran Conflict







Where did you get those Ukrainian TTsKO skins in the first pic?

I found the camo on deviantart, downloaded it and just re-skinned some models.

I don’t see why this has to have anything to do with Espionage Wars. Just make it its own standalone thing.

Also you need to set up some rules if you want other people to join, otherwise it’s going to turn into a clusterfuck pretty fast.

Its extremely loosely based, and for the most part it will be its own thing.

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Yea I have been coming up with rules and will update the initial post as it says, for now I am just getting a few things together before proceeding.

You can use your own faction from Espionage Wars, as that’s entirely yours, but the other people running Espionage Wars and I would rather you didn’t make this a spinoff. I think I speak for everyone when I say we’d rather not have our models and lore used outside of Espionage Wars unless we choose to join in.

If it’s only very loosely based on it, then why bother having it connected at all?

You should really have this stuff ready from the get-go.

I was not intending to use anyone else’s factions or models. I suppose I could have made it entirely a stand alone, but the story is susceptible to change. Also, I do not mean to make a spin-off as you may think, Esp is what I see a sandbox type thread, where this would be more based on story. Where others can join in to contribute and such.

You can do your own thing, just don’t connect it to Espionage Wars.

If there was a reason you were doing it then i could understand, but I don’t see the purpose of the link right now. It’d be fine as its own standalone thing.

I was waiting to see if people would take interest in the story first, if so then I would have it opened up for people joining. Which would contribute to the development of it and input there own thing if it works.

lol well i’m not joining :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh oh, someone’s doing something related to Esp Wars.
Better call the police.

Thing is, there’s a pretty big difference between ‘based’ and ‘inspired’. The former means that you’re basing this thread off of EW while the latter merely means that you were inspired by it and wanted to make something of your own.

lolol same tbh fam :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: i was making satire of rusty’s post

To be 100% no one really cares.

I don’t mind them referencing ESP really, though asking people if it’s okay to use their faction would be a good idea.

However if I may speak frankly; I think the thread is a bit unnecessary, Not because it uses a similar format to ESP, but mainly because the threads theme and setting is just not different enough; ESP is already a story-driven RP in a contemporary setting WW3 or no from what I can see it doesn’t really change much. And excuse me for this wild allegation but it really seems like this could be just a proxy way people who didn’t get a long with the ESP community or didn’t want to go by the GM’s rules to participate in the ESP setting without actually being in the thread.

All in all though I think it’s no harm done, and I think it’s neat that you’re referencing ESP. So I wish you and your thread good luck.

I have fixed the story and base of this thread. It is no longer tied to ESPW in anyway, also I have no problem with any GM or rules in ESPW, I am just making a thread where people who enjoy story-telling and posing can come and contribute to a fresh and interesting story which will take shape. It would not be a proxy in anyway, as it is not like ESPW where someone makes their country/faction and does whatever they want in terms of a sandbox type gameplay if I may - here they have to stick generally to the larger story and react to major events as such. Whereas, in ESPW, a country may do what it wants and not react much to world affairs outside their sphere, meaning they could stay in one region and unless they branch out or have someone else interact with them - they would be fine there. It is not a large RP as in ESPW so - I may guarantee it is not related or largely influenced. As the larger influence came from TTD and it’s format. But as mentioned, it does still have some RP elements, but that comes down to the individuals who want to contribute to the story by adding their takes or what they are focused on - which could be whatever group or nation they wish to expand in this story.

Chapter 1: