Terran Marine gets the job done.


Not sure whats funnier the amount of keyboards he broke or how many chairs he will break.

This is the funniest picture I have ever seen.


This is pure win. :v:

I wonder how many more keyboards he’s going to go through before he finishes his report…

Rated funny :v:

How the fuck does he drink soda?


He better damn finish his work before it’s too late.

because some things are just worth typing for

hmmmmmmmmmmm mr terrannn i sip expect those tps reports by the end of todayyyyyyy sip i was wondering if you could work over the weekenddddd

LOL Busy busy. Have funny,

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Sigh Yyyeahhhhhh, maybe you could some in on fridayyyyy that would be greaaaat.
I also need you to come in on saturday and sundayyyyy yeahhhhh.

stop stimpack overdose


Haha, this is great.

The noise he would have made getting in would have been epic :v:.