Terrible FPS and input lag issue

I’ll list my specs as much as I know how. I’m more than sure my computer is speedy enough.

Intel i7-4800MQ CPU @ 2.7 GHz
8.00 GB ram
A 1tb Hard drive
64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium
I’m not sure if this matters, it is a 1900x1080 screen on a ~15in screen laptop. It’s a customized Valkyrie laptop I got from ibuypower.

Issue: Right from the startup screen I can see something is off. After I put my mouse over ‘play now’ or ‘options’ it takes about a full second for the word to highlight. The on-fire trash can in the background seems like it is running at an ok FPS, but I cannot really tell. Once I am in game after a very short loading time I see that the game is maybe running at 3 fps MAX and there is an input lag of about 1 second. The game is practically unplayable for anyone with the state that it runs on my laptop. I know that with the specs I have I should be running it fine because with my last set up which consisted of a NVIDIA GeForce 460 and an i5 2.8 GHz it ran around 45 fps at max render settings. I’d really like to get back to playing this game as soon as possible, my friends are waiting for me D: .