Terrible lag after update on original rust and other issues

So the lags been crazy and affecting everyone, also we cannot throw supply signals.

Anyone else getting this lag? Anyone not getting this lag?

Garry, I can’t even get on my server to be fair. My server doesn’t show on the history or server list. The lag is unbearable mate.

Garry short question: Why i cant see the Server ? the Test server pls help me i also can not connect via. IP

Both of my servers are getting the horrible intermittent lag spikes.

Alot of the servers i have played on have dissappeared… When things are up and running again, will everything still be there, or will everything be wiped?? Go Garry!

Some servers disapeared from lists and the one which I entered was so laggy that I just leave it there open and went to watch Brazil x Mexico instead.

I got that horrible Lags too… -.-

Servers haven’t changed.

If your server isn’t showing up in the server list it’s probably because its name has weird characters at the start or the end (ie - not a letter or number) or it has [color tags.

If you post your server name I will tell you why it isn’t showing.

I have intermittent lag during the night which i usually just alt tab to read forums anyways. Other than that, very little lag during day play luckily for my server. Only 2-5 people on so not sure if that is why lag is very low.

Also, Supply Signals are broken with the new legacy Client update, users who would try the ‘dev’ branch would have this issue before todays update.

It appears to be a problem with the update clients. After the last patch maybe an hour or so before this post, the lag started kicking in. The client will stagger into a halt and reduce to <2 fps on everyone’s client if they have the updated client. Lag is not consistent and can last from a few seconds to a minute with varying intervals between each lag spike. Lag doesn’t appear to regional on the map so the problem may not be a rendering issue (maybe?).

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That’s my server name @garry. Thanks!

I can play empty legacy servers just fine and servers with up to four players (five, including me) are runnnig just fine, even with grass, etc. turned on. The massive lag starts at six players on the server. For me at least.
The game closed without warning or anything after I tried to draw my hatchet on the experimental branch. Don’t know what’s up with that… Haven’t tried to connect since.

It’s the main server I played on, not mine, it started with [UK] atleast. Server IP is: 108.61230.78.28016
Me and a friend have spent alot of time there and finally got supplysignals so we’d be really happy if it get sorted out, thanks

I can also confirm that I am getting this lag in the legacy rust. I’ll drop to between 0 and 3 frames/second for roughly 5-20 seconds at complete random (at least from what i can tell). It appears to affect everyone on the server, though their results vary in the amount of time it takes to recover. After said lag, some sounds appear distorted, like footstep sounds, or weapon sounds (footstep sounds more common).

Hi, server name not showing up in regular build. But is showing up in the Experimental server browser.

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This klled the game for me too. I can play for a few minutes - ranging from 2 to 10 and then FPS down to 2. On a Mac.

Also my laptop heats up more - but probably due to this:
My config settings are not saving now. It seems I need to manually enter them in the console is every single time I start to play :frowning:

The servers I played on were gone for a few hours from my history and then started to show up.

I just joined a pvp kit server on legacy and experienced no more lag than usual. The stuttering is still there, but has been since I bought the game.

I seem to be unaffected.

brutal intermittent lag spikes on every server I’ve tried today… everyone’s fps drops to single digits for 10-20 seconds then it’s gone. Also, I can probably fry an egg or two on my mac now…