Terrible performance on my mobile computer, anyone else?

Let me say first that I understand this game is still in Alpha! So I know things are not optimized or so say the masses…
Here are my laptops specs:
i7-4720HQ @ 2.60GHZ
16GB of ram
64bit windows 8.1
Gtx 960m

I just feel like 10-15 fps on my Laptop is just sad even for a game in alpha. This is with everything on lowest possible setting.
The resolutions don’t seem to make a difference in performance unless its 1920x1080 (then fps is 5-10). I was curious if anyone else had
terrible performance on similar computers. Any help, thoughts, and or suggestions would be nice.

Most people are having shitty performance on even high end desktop computers, so this is not surprising. The game is not optimized at all currently. It’s not just you.

Ok, that makes me feel somewhat better. Thanks Crunchy :smiley:

Here are my laptop specs, with which I get 25+ fps on low settings (I can run BF4 on Medium with 45+ fps, so I hope it’ll run as smoothly in the future).

I7-4700MQ @ 2.4GHz (Turbo mode 3.2GHz), 8GB RAM, Windows 8.1, GT-740M.

Well, today’s update has given me about a 10 fps boost. I was riding in the mid 30s to low 40s. I was in game briefly during my lunch break and noticed my frame rate riding in the mid to high 40s. Hopefully others will see this improvement as well.

My friend has the exact same specs as you, and the problem stemmed from Rust utilizing the onboard graphics instead of the 960. You need to right click Rust.exe in the directory, and force it to launch with the nvidia gpu.

This blows my mind as I supposedly have a better GPU than you lol.

Ajax, I will try this soon and let you know. Hopefully your friend was indeed suffering the same problem as me!