Terrible Temporary Server Browser

I’m quite confused with what you’re trying to point out here.
I’m sure many others have already seen this menu.

Not only that, Garry has posted an image of the new one they are working on:


Just wait.

I like this ^

That menu is really starting to annoy me, how do I close it? Whenever I accidentally open it it starts annoying me, no idea why… >.<

click the game screen then click escape key again

OMG the unfinished UI in the alpha testing phase looks bad I am going to complain about it just as I would if I ordered a cake and saw my batter in a bowl and said WTF this batter during the making phase of my cake does not look cake like enough for me I think I will complain.

What is the point of this thread ?
Maybe some text with the screen would help us to understand your problem?