Terrible tool gun problems

Alright, so not too long ago, my toolgun was working fine, except for the usual annoying ERROR boxs on the top right corner. But I recently downloaded a bunch of stuff (SHUD, coloniesredux, headcrabplague, facehugger replacement, ect.)

Then, a while after that, I get some new useful tools that I have been waiting a while to get, and when I whip out my tool gun, all I get is my gravity gun. Whenever I try firing it, these weird energy spike things come out from infront of me and damages whatever is in it’s path. Thing is, each time I try switching the tool it just lags alot and nothing else happens

error code: wire/client/toolscreen.lua:23: attempt to call upvalue ‘_ViewModelDrawn’ (a nil value)

Anyone can helpz?

it looks like something you’ve downloaded has changed some of the core scripting for the toolgun and/or the other weapons. short of reinstalling a fresh copy, change the folder name of garrysmod - let it install a new copy, and find that exact LUA file and replace it. should fix this problem. dont forget to delete the new garrysmod and change the old one back as well.
pr preferrably if you have another machine or a friend that could send you this LUA file in its standard form - so that you dont haveto waste time redownloading Gmod - that’s ideal.

as for your grav-gun damaging things with “weird energy spike things” i’ve no clue.

Ah, I thought the error code was the cause of the grav-gun thing. I just can’t use tools because of that

Update to the latest version of Wiremod with SVN.

What will updating with the newest Wiremod version do to help me with my toolgun problem? I won’t be able to use the new version of it if my toolgun doesn’t work


sigh I’ll try, though. Maybe wire is pîssed at me for not getting the next version…?.


Can’t find it on garrysmod.org, too many other wire files. Link to the newest version please?


Oh f*cking yay.

Apparently it was a downloaded addon. Jesus, now I gotta re-download the addons again now

wire/client/toolscreen.lua:23: attempt to call upvalue ‘_ViewModelDrawn’ (a nil value) that’s why it will help and why its wire.
Also for wire mod SVN go http://www.wiremod.com/forum/wiremod-general-chat/4-wiremod-svn-guide.html

You can say fucking here. See look, FUCKING.

I get this error too. I do hate it when people just say “Download Wire SVN.” It is like they are trying to advertise SVN WireMod, saying the problem is that when it almost definitely isn’t. Why would I want to download some stupid program to download WireMod? Why not just upload it straight to garrysmod.org?

If you want, you can get it at www.glua.net. MUCH easier.

there is a toolgun download on garrysmod.org
heres a link http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=79271
also i think the error message was fixed with the latest gmod update because i dont get it annymore.


just download it on glua.net
its much easyer.
u wont find it on garrysmod.org because ur not allowed to post it.

They tell you to download the SVN because:
a) You get easy and fast access to future updates
b) You aren’t allowed to upload SVN dumps on gmod.org so you can’t get it there

GLua.net is simply a website that lets you download cleaned-up SVN dumps.