Edited: Correct face spot and make Zoey face more dirty.


Most are from the game, but rushed work in the morning.

Looks pretty good.
What model is the girl in the foreground?

That’s an edited Zoey model.

looks like jessica alba.

this is a good thing.

Fantastic editing

i like this image

I smell Tarantino influence

It is younger ver. of Zoey
Credit to arby26

Can you please reupload this file on something like midiafire? :frowning:

It’s allright - find this ragdoll on Gamebanana.

There are some colour/saturation errors on her face. You can see red-ish areas with sharp edges.

I see, I’ll correct it soon.

Not bad


Mediafire link for the Gmod ragdoll for those who struggle with Megaupload http://www.mediafire.com/?5aunoa359oesq99