Territory Wars [ WIP ]

Not Being made, worthless game-mode that actually adds no new mechanics.
sorry if you wanted this. just go play basewars


Where does he say “DO THIS FOR ME” ?

whats with… background information? why are you making this gamemode? what was your inspiration for it? its called “territory wars” tell us more about it… “Custom Factions & Teams” doesnt say enough…

Character classes “Admin”? That sounds just dumb tho…

And i quote from my post " This Was posted on 12/10/2011 - 5:07 PM GMT Eastern Standard Time. Please allow for me to update my post at a later date with more information on the game-mode & my progress "

@ DeathbyKittens , I am not going to ask someone to do something for me when i am capable of learning how to do something myself and am fairly familiar with lua. ( My first lua project was a 2D game based on earthbound made using love2d a very cool little engine --> http://love2d.org/ )

@ LennyPenny, I will add more background information… screen-shots of progress i have made already, and attempt to give more detail across the board

@ Persious, " Character classes “Admin”? That sounds just dumb tho… " I realize that this sounds dumb, i will edit it out and implement the admin commands to a regular player based on unique steam id or something similar.

Thanks for posting, hope to hear back from all of you and to get more questions soon!

Not Another “DARKRP EDIT” … >_<

Wont be a Dark Rp edit… When you make something that you can choose your faction and fight to get a bigger territory it would be awesome :smiley:

So, BaseWars?

@ Ste@mpunk , This is not a darkrp edit. This mod is being written from scratch. Which i am proud to say makes it better than like 75% of the mods already released because they are darkrp edits, and darkrp is a edit of lightrp :stuck_out_tongue:

@ LennyPenny, I edited my post and am still editing my post! but the basic idea: select a character class, team up with friends, build up a base with turrets, and printers & generators, get weapons and fight for your territory, for instance if you took the south area of the map and a rival gang entered you would attack them, and attempt to take over the map!!!

@ Ste@mpunk, This is not basewars… This has more Role-Play to it, it a more serious sense you actually have a specific job to do within your gang and providing more mechanics than just buying bronze printers and getting them to level 3…

  1. Well Darkrp is V2 of LightRP.- Stupid
  2. Territory Wars is Basicly BaseWars

( Fail Quote by Ste@mpunk )
First, i did not say " Herp-A-Derp " . I also did not specify if a 100% custom map would be made at a later date. However for the alpha release i felt it would be more important to focus on the code more than the map. What about you ste@mpunk?

Using a similar map does not mean you are playing the same game, for instance on team fortress 2, you could be playing capture point, capture the flag, or arena all on the same map but have completely different opinions about each one

Yes, Yes ideas Guy

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It is a joke, smart one. :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Ste@mpunk, i hope that once i post screen-shots sometime tomorrow or later this week you will see that i am not just an idea’s man and can actually create something using lua. However you are entitled to think and do as you please. as they say " do not judge a book by its cover " , you may just be surprised by the stuff i can do.

Update: It is 12/10/2011, 10:11 PM ( At Night, GMT Eastern Standard Time, USA ) ; I will be calling it a night soon, if you have questions post them below and if i am available i will reply back. Please allow me at least 24 hours to answer any questions as i will not check the forums every hour, but at least once a day!

Best of luck to all of you, and i will be posting screenshot’s, code snippets, and more tomorrow

Edit: 12/10/2011 10:56 PM, Small Thread Update.

Stuff Finished,
√ Posted Code Snippets
√ Posted Several Screenshot, will re-upload in 1920x1080p tomorrow
√ Cleaned up thread

Addition stuff to do,
φ Create basic development website! https://sites.google.com/site/lnye97/

Ste@mpunk, he’s not any worse than you. You made dumb shit too. I’d suggest you’d get the fuck out of here, as you can’t post anything good enough, and you end up posting dumb shit.

Thats what I call a gamemode post :D. If you want someone to test your gamemode and who brings new ideas, ask me :D. cant wait for this i got bored of basewars because of the high lvls and bored of darkrp because of the rulebreakers. And this is something completely new :D. CAN’T WAIT!!!

I hope ‘Zombies’ are not from HL2. I rather use Silverlan’s grunt or some monster.
Because HL2 Zombie is very slow and weak.

LOL , From Scrach… NOT

Uploaded 808 days ago by Metapyziks
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Looks like a mod to me :stuck_out_tongue:


I am posting it as " From Scratch " Because the vast majority of that code was error filled and un-commented. It was something that inspired me along with basewars, darkrp, and the like. If you would like to call it a mod go ahead. but i plan on taking it much farther than he did.

Also Note: There are no error messages displayed ( must mean i have fixed it, because if you attempt to use his game you will be console raped )

I love trolling, It is like a person who provides more drive. So to ste@mpunk i thank you for making me want to complete this project even more

I’m not trolling.I just thought you stole it.