Terroists vs. SAS

[IMG]http://i33.tinypic.com/155hs78.jpg[/ This is my first pose,so I don’t want posts that say “LAWL THATS HORRIBLE”.Tell me what I can do with it.And don’t ask for me to photoshop it,because I don’t have photoshop.

Use IMG tags

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Is it there?


Thank you.

LAWL THAT’S HORRIBLE. No… it’s quite good actually, just keep working on the posing, also if you want editing and your not good at it, just put in the thread “Hey can someone please edit this, thanks!”. Other than that good job. :buddy:

Thanks for not going insane about the pose.The first post i was expecting is YOU SUCK LOL GTFO.

The equal distribuiton of bullets on both walls is kinda wierd. Otherwise I would say great posing on the 2 living guys. The dead terrorist is posed badly and the dead SAS was uneeded. Great first try.

Only people that are jealous for people who can pose better say that.

I made a new thread with all my poses,go there.

For a first its OK.

The angle is pretty okay, the rest isn’t good at all in my opinion.
Don’t use ingame blood and work on your posing