Terrorist acquires a new weapon

Need to test (some) editing, i’m trying my best, I added (crappy) motion blur to the shells and made the muzzleflash (in my opinion) slightly better. (I also wanted to test if the mg42 model would work.)


C&C Of editing and posing, tell me what I could add, or improve please!
(I am using paint.net, so if anyone else uses it, tell me how I could improve on editing please!)

Turn your graphics up mate.
Motion Blur isnt that crappy.
Posing looks a little bit strange.
Muzzleflash is okay.

Its not so bad.
I quite like it.

Motion blur on the shells look good, but need to look less lasso’d.

Wow, I thought you guys wouldn’t like it.
Before I looked at your posts :frowning:
When I was reading them :expressionless:
After I read them :3

Muzzleflash looks very pale, graphics up.

Also the way he is holding the gun and laying down, is impossible… both his elbows need to be on the ground. Keep trying though.

Thanks guys, and fever, do you mean make the bullets more natural?

Use the filters, too.

Ok, thanks for the c&c!

You can tell that you’ve used lasso on them, try magentic lasso. :wink:

I use paint.net, that doesn’t have a magnetic lasso does it? (If it does I don’t know where to find it, or is there a plugin which lets me have one?)

I’m not sure, on Photoshop I hold hold left click on lasso, and it gives me a menu of all the lassos you can get.