Terrorist fighting with marines.

A pose and semi-scenebuild on rp downtown. Edit en pose by me. C&C please.

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How that guy walks is a bit weird but the edit is good

Holy balls that’s alot of smoke.

The muzzleflashes are very dark and the smoke is too opaque and perfectly shaped. Posing on the standing guy is good but it looks pretty off on the crouching/standing/walking guy.

Somehow I don’t think that Marine would have the strength to lift his hand to his face if he had lost that much blood… from the back of his head.

Why is Batman’s telephone on the floor? Is the commissioner going to ring?

It turned out bigger than expected :toot:.

And there is too much smoke as black_slash said

Batman? it’s from hl2 beta.

They were probably trying to negociate with the terrorists but it didn’t end up as planned :stuck_out_tongue:

Chesty said it all.

Damn kids today don’t know nothin’ 'bout nobody:

The prop is from hl2 beta and no i wasn’t born in the stone age.


They don’t look the same to me except for the red.

It was just a joke. Also… being born in the stone age would imply you were old, not young.

I guess what I’m really trying to say is:

Why the fuck is there a red wall telephone on the floor?

I grew up with this one sorry. Why all the bad spellings?

Because there isn’t a “bad grammar” rating.

Changed my typos typing with 8 fingers is a bit tricky.

I haven’t seen them change, so lemme help you out:

I’m really bad at spelling in all languages really.

The terrorist’s look French.
Muzzle flash seems a bit off
Posing is alright
I like it.

I agree, need a link to the model?

It seems the shells eject out of the gun then turn into pure smoke!
But seriously I’m diggin everything except the muzzle flashes, too much smoke and lack of shells