Terrorist finds his dead teamate.

I was hesitating to post this up but then I then I thought oh well.
here it is.


so what do you guys think?
and if anyone has a better sam fisher model I would much appreciate it if you were to give the link.
as all ways comments are welcome

The style and angle is definitely artistic, and the posing is good and all, but it’s a bit “unpolished”… looks “sharp” to the eye.

I don’t think editing is an absolute must, though, so it’s not really a huge problem for me.

The only problem I have with this picture, is that his flashlight looks like the light bulb is hanging out, or is it just me? but ti stil looks good Rated: Paint

Yeah, that bulb does look off.

Looks almost perfect.

Brilliant! But Sam should’ve hidden the body! :open_mouth:

He didnt have the time, now he improvises and uses the corpse as a distraction to “Help the bad guys shave”

“We have a body!”

Very nice, desktoped

Nice pic!
When I saw it I was instantly reminded of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky! Honestly, it looks like night time in The Zone.

But that’s just me.

Nice, artist’d.

Thanks for the comments and ratings guys.

I hated when in that game they raised the alert if a body was found.

I sometimes had a whole squad looking for me >.>