"..." - Terrorist is hiding from SWAT Agent.


C&C please.

I love the lighting from the torch but the way that guy is holding the M4 is pretty dumb to say the least.

Oh wow, I have no idea why indeed he holds it like that.
Does op care to elaborate?

Why is he holding the stock?

But nice effects anyways.

My mind is officialy fucked, I realize the “hand holding the stock” is just the breather from a gasmask :3:

I wonder two things:

  1. Why SWAT would be doing Counterterrorism operations.
  2. Why the M4 appears to be held very oddly.

It’s easier to grip the rifle firmly and move it around the corner as you go than it is to shoulder it, as the recoil of the M4 is fairly lightweight. I can’t tell if the stock is at its furthest extended position, though, so it’s hard to say.

Except SWAT would not be likely to do that, on account of not wanting to shoot something that isn’t their target. Law enforcement is all about shot placement, if anything they would be the last guys to do something like that.

It’s possible, it’s just a really questionable tactic. I’ve personally never seen anyone do that.

That’s what I was thinking, and I thought that SWAT always used SMGs or Shotguns to clear buildings, or at least that’s what I’ve heard. (Shotguns and SMGs are less likely to penetrate through walls than an Assault Rifle being one of the reasons why)

how is he holding the gun? looks terrible

Seems to me like it highly depends of the nature of the situation and the state.

Yeah, I guess, but SMGs and Shotguns are more effective at close range anyway. (They’re actually MADE especially for close range combat)

In a hostage-rescue situation this sounds like the worst possible idea.

Yes, which is why they use SMGs in that situation. To just clear a building with no hostages, they sometimes use shotguns. Obviously they’ll know if there’s hostages as the Terrorists NEED the police to know so they can make demands.

Depends on the mission. A lot of SWAT, FBI, ATF, etc. entry teams use M4s (either exclusively or to augment other weapons), because they are quite small and light for rifles and point nicely.

You’d be surprised. Shotguns are great for sensitive stuff like room clearing and home defence, because there’s less chance of overpenetration than traditional bullets (even out of a decent pistol). Games and movies exaggerate the absolute fuck out of their spread, you would really need to be trying to hit anything other than your target in an indoor environment with a shotgun.

Exactly, shotguns don’t usually have that much spread, plus their penetration is worse than that of a bullet.
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They have SMG and PDW versions of the M4/M16 so I had assumed they’d use those.

Yeah it’s pretty depressing. I’m a shotgun enthusiast, I love my shotgun. I use 00 Military grade ammunition at the range and even from 50 feet the spread is fairly minimal. I jump into Call of Duty, and the pellets dissolve completely after about 15 feet.

Doesn’t help that videogames almost always assume that shotguns are loaded with buckshot, even though one of the shotgun’s greatest strengths is ammunition versatility. I want to see some realistic hollow point sabot ballistics.

edit: On a side note, dragon’s breath sucks in real life.

I always have loved shotguns but I find it depressing that ANY book I read on guns has barely any coverage on shotguns but will have lots of information on assault rifles, handguns, and SMGs. Shotguns are an effective and unique weapon system that isn’t appreciated.

I find it really odd that the back of the stock isn’t on his shoulder. Maybe he’s checking the corner using the torch only? But then that would be kind of stupid since he wouldn’t really be prepared to shoot if caught by surprise.

honestly the only problem I see with the gun holding is isn’t shouldered.

As regarding SWAT
they get called first because DELTA can’t be everywhere.