Terrorist on a Motorcycle

I did it for the lolz…

:suicide: :jihad:

link to bike model:

and forum page:

ahaha lol, but the spinning wheels look terribad

I laughed, good job.


Haha I did not expect that.

What do you guys think of my backblast editing and blood, is it good is there to much?

Oh my that was amazing. Great job.

Now lets try it with a Igla or Strela XD

whats that?

Haha, a very good twist, didn’t expect the backblast part.

hahahahahah wow… that made my day :keke:

russian rocket you play arma2?

nah… is it just a large rocket launcher?

Clever, clever indeed.

No nearly the same size of a smaw…also it uses one rocket only/not reloadable but packs a punch than that rocket propelled grenade 7

But Also about both of em that they use one huge rocket nearly looks like the ones that used on a heli

The dirtbike model is sexy. Download please?

But then the rocket hit’s the truck and everyone dies, the end.

Why not have the terrorists win for a change?
I’m getting bored of stuff like this, sorry.

Ahahaha fucking awesome!
Great job on the blood and muzzleflash!

Haha that’s what I have been waiting for for the past 9 posts, how was my editing. Thank you!


He’s pro terrorism,



Check in the models and skins releases section ya big dummy

actually some terrorists tried this with a pick up truck, and failed miserably.(truck flipped over)