Terrorist puts a knife into a guys Shoulder


bad posing bad map bad everything
practice more k

If you think its bad dont fucking post.

You need to practice more and when we say it’s bad it just means to practice we’re not being mean

I know but i hate it when someone says bad or it sucks expect if they say “work”

After doing some research, I have discovered what REALLY happened:
The terrorist was looking at something very interesting while leaning against a wall. Then, because of sheer boredom, he decided to stick his knife all the way to his right. A hapless civilian, who was strolling down the sidewalk, ran into the knife. As he was bleeding out from the NECK, he screamed,“Why is the blood coming out on the wrong side!”
In other words, needs a lot of “work”.

He’s also happy about it. Look at that grin.

This is absolutely awful, sorry man I give this bad pose of the year.

This is the truth.

wow that’s fucking terrible

Everyone DO not post ignore this thread into it dies. -_-