Terrorist shooting some soldiers, first person

Enjoy, rate and criticize! :smiley:

Looks cool, but the CT on the right looks to calm.

The posing and editing are both top class. Except for the CT on the right.

Badass, apart from the smug motherfucker on the right.

It’s a bit empty but the editing is good.

I don’t get how the guy on the right could react fast enough to look at his comrade getting shot. Also, as mentioned, he looks too relaxed.

Picture is quite empty. I know the camera-angle has to be wide because it’s first-person, but some extra characters and/or props would have helped.

Blood and depth-of-field, as well as the muzzleflashes, are great.

If this is supposed to be a realistic first-person pose, then the weapon and hands are too close to the camera.

Damned fine lighting.

It’s a [sp]Terrorist House[/sp], where CT units have been ambushed by a lunatic with a balaclava, who thinks he’s Rambo. That’s why the house is so empty.

Personally I like the picture really much, and the guy to the right also.

One question, how did you made the muzzle flash on the Galil, is it in-game or something?


Damn, had to edit one million times.

Photoshop, also thanks for the comments guys

Great editing.

Link to the model? Very nice picture. :wink:

There you go, thanks by the way.

Says theres no finger posing, but I see finger posing.

Nice job on the muzzle flash. Love the lighting.

Question, I’ve bothered Uber on how to do this, but… How’d you do the impact? (bullet impact against the ct shoulder)

Awesome first person view, everything really fits in (Muzzleflash, dust & blood on the bullet wound, lights, and posing) except for the tard CT on the right (As everyone has pointed out).

Nice work :slight_smile:

I assure you, no fingerposing was done.

For the impact on the CT, I start with burning a small area where the bullet hole should be. Then I use speckle/small dust brushes with a dark red for the blood and burn it randomly. Same thing with the smoke except white color and I smudge it with some smudge brushes.

Looks well done, nice!

Thanks for the tips, :smiley:

Can I have the original?

Sure thing.


Meh, quickie.

You used a v_model, which to me is a little to easy. Nice editing though.