Terrorist shot in throat.

Poseing: Me
Editing: Hunterdnrc


The sas guy looks stiff and his arm is not in a relaxed posistion.

I think the blood could be improved.

Hear that Hunder? Mistakes on both ends.


Im not saying its that bad, just could be like more red… fresh…

more lines of blood :suicide:

camera angle is bland, posing is pretty stiff, the colors are also very bland. The smoke effect needs work and so does the blood.

The SAS dude looks strange, mostly because of his other arm but the terrorist looks fine.

You’re definitely improving, but i’d just like to say that the SAS’ arm is a bit odd looking. The terrorist’s arm also looks a bit strange. The SAS’ arm that is firing the gun has slightly odd finger posing, but that’s probably a model problem. The angle is a bit odd, but definitely a better angle than some of your other poses. The lighting looks kind of odd, you could edit it to looks a bit better with the burn and dodge tool. The setting is a bit odd looking. The blood done by hunter is a bit off, and curves up the neck unrealistically. The blood looks nice, but is unrealistic. The smoke is also a bit too opaque. Work on even better settings, and try to edit the lighting to look better. As I said before, you’re improving, and this angle is a lot better than others, as also said before. Try to edit your pictures and work on your posing a little bit. On a scale of one to ten, I would say 7-8/10, pretty good, but it could be a bit better.

Quick everyone! Give some CC before this turns into another Fear57 troll thread.

My CC is pretty much everyone elses, needs better posing and blood could use work, otherwise nice.


I didn’t do any editing, I just set it up. :slight_smile:

For an SAS he doesn’t know how to hold a pistol right, also he’s using a Fiveseven? Looks like it… Anyway, the smoke is way off. It wouldn’t be going straight up into the air, it’d be going actually AT the target. The posing is stiff, the camera angle could be worked on. The background is bland as well, and the terrorist is going along the lines of:

It’s like, omg did I just get shot or not? Dur.

Well then.