Terrorist standing guard



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oh yeah, about my 2nd time rim lighting.

Add some outer glow to the rimlight.

he sure looks ready

The rim-lighting has no source and… isn’t light. The name implies that there should be a glow, rather than just a solid white line (that is too thick anyway).

As Uberslug said, he doesn’t really seem like he’s standing guard and the picture is pretty damn boring.

Other than that, great models and posing.

Those are some sweet ass pistols! What are they? Modified 1911s or Berettas?

Looks like an odd combination of a 92FS and a USP Match, in a full-auto configuration.

Other than the rim lighting its good

Gosh, his arms must be tired.

The rimlighting around the hood looks kinda wierd.

Sixtoes skins. Haven’t seen those in a while.