Terrorists in the Mist...ooo..

I’ve always found it hard to pose ragdolls to look like they were running. Here’s a strong attempt at it, I love the ones with the Ak and MG. C&C please. :-3







Quite nice, still you have some minor lipping issues at the feet and the hand of the terrorist on the very left on the second last picture.

Gunposing is okay, though it still looks a bit comedic, like they were running away from a burning line of gunpowder or something.

I also think the AK guy is best. Improve you posing and you might soon get one or another artistic!

Thank you. The terrorist on the left is supposed to be sort of pushing off the wall. And yeah, I was going to put explosions in the background, but I was too lazy. :slight_smile: Maybe I’ll do that later.

Here we go, lol.

The posing is nice, but where is the mist?

I can see the one problem you’re having with the running theory. For posing running you can split it into two halves.

Putting the foot down

Lifting the foot up

Now all your terrorists are in the prior category, and the reason the look a tad goofy (for example the one in the middle) is that once the foot touches the floor and has begone the step, the knee joint will be completely straight. The other thing you need to take into account is the centre of gravity, guy on the second from the right looks like he’s about to trip up or fall over. you need to keep them centred

The pheonix in the middle,
and the arctic to the right,
look well posed from the front,
but from the other angles they look off.

It’s all about the angle,
you may aswell try to pose it,
so it looks perfect from a certain angle,
it doesn’t matter if it looks bad from the others,
just don’t use them :smiley:

Thanks for the replies guys. I think it looks better with the goofy twist to their running. For some reason I love these pictures, they make me lol.

Hahahaha they look like a bunch of red neck hicks running after a deer. Hahaha the terrorist with the huge gun is my favorite! :smiley:

uniform weaponry would’ve been nice but boring. art’d

If Forest Gump ever turned to terrorism to solve his problems…you’d get this. lol.

The posing isn’t exactly convincing, but it’s a nice effort. I like the lighting and stuff.

Lol what lighting? hee.

Just the way everything looks I guess.

lol, that is one badass gang…

It reminds me of how my friend runs, and yet, he always seems to fall more easily than me… I wonder why :v:

I loled.

lol, i can’t get over how badass this gang looks! (the comical running)

using as my desktop right now…(the first pic)

The running looks funny.

Kind of looks like how you would run in the spore creature creator.

This is the highest honor I could ever hope to obtain. Thank you.

Those are some hardcore explosions there.