Terrorists rounding the corner to see if CTs are dead

is this threadworthy :c


i love you Hazardline :3:
rate and comment.

Good Pose

A lot better than I expected; I can’t spot any noticeable errors. Why does this only have one other reply?

Also, might I ask what skins those are?

Great work man.
What skins are those?.

Nice depth-of-field and posing.

Moar dots!


Lighting is hella nice Denmon, but the blood isn’t blurred like the rest of the depth it’s on and is a little too bright.

It’s not thread worthy don’t post shit.
Jk good stuff man

Nice. Threadworthy indeed.

now thats good editing right there nice one Denmon

It’s apart of Sixtoes’s CT and T pack that he released, unfortunately, his site went down a long time ago due to not been able to pay the server host. The skins are still around, they are however, rare to talk to someone who has them.

The pose:

[ul]The T on the left is holding the gun stupidly[/ul]
[ul]Both T’s are posed horribly compared to your last screenshot[/ul]
[ul]Trash bags block the pose or are there to cover up crappy posing[/ul]
[ul]The bloom is to bright for the metal panels[/ul]
[ul]Blur doesn’t exactly fit and doesn’t look well rendered[/ul]
[ul]**Just a nit pick -**It seems unlikely that the T on the right would be holding a pistol if he had a rifle[/ul]

Thanks for the info. I’m glad I didn’t go comb FPSBanana in vain looking for it.

Well…he could have run out of ammo. His main weapon could be jammed, somehow broken, ect. He may just be conserving his primary ammunition for another purpose entirely, though terrorists in real life are probably too dumb for that. Your other points are mostly valid, though.


very nice.

Probably, but there’s nothing to portray that though.

No shells or shit.

Posing on the right guy is perfect, left guy is either leaning a bit too much, or the feet gotta be more in line.

I swear to god, you sit with a magnifying glass when you inspect pics! I never realise that stuff! :smiley: