"Terrorists Win"

well, I made it over 2 years ago, and only released it once. I finally turned on my old computer for the first time in years to find this little gem, and I figured I might as well show it here.


Looks like terrorists are turning to the good side. :ninja:

Well, that is certaintly something new. I like, good job

The CT and the T are playing a game of Thumb War.

That’d be more entertaining than actual counterstrike.

My God, I remember this.

Oh hey long time no see.

hi yellowlake

Sup yellowlake. Hope you’re still not mad at me. I was going through my old files and noticed all that stuff you contributed for the comic I wanted to make…I still might make it but oh well.

Chopping your own hand off would be funner then playing CSS.

This is absolutely NOT how you shake someone’s hand.

^^^Read the thread.

lolz your funny
funner is not a word
and it’s not fun for people who suck at it

I played it for a little while when I got my new PC… only because I was enjoying all the custom models and skins I was using. I was average at the game; sometimes I would be at the top of the leaderboard, sometimes at the bottom. Bottom line is, a game should be good whether you’re amazingly 1337 at it or not.

hey I’m not great at it I just enjoy simple things like CSS I don’t really want to over think my games.
simple game play is good. it has a good core so why bother the game it self

Could we talk about the picture now?

Yeah sure; we’re finished now.

So yeah, lets start with the good things.
[li]Not filterraped.[/li][li]Good fingerposing[/li][li]Not on a build map[/ul][/li]And then the bad things…
Oh wait, there are none!

I can’t say I saw that coming, amazing originality…

You forgot one.
[ul]No hidden Gman[/ul]