Terrortown Rearm Tool seems to not be working

Trying to rearm my maps with weapons but it just does nothing. I’ve taken the exports from gmod/gmod/data/ttt/maps but once in the server it doesn’t override anything. I’ve put them in gmod/gmod/maps and I’ve also tried adding them to gamemode/terrortown/content/maps but still no use.

Would anyone know what is being done wrong here or give me some insight as to if the new update possibly broke it.
I have extensively tested it with various maps, even with the smallest of rearms so I would know, nothing.
I am using Badking’s Rearm tool

Is ttt_use_weapon_spawn_scripts set to 1?

That could possibly be it, and that goes into server.cfg yes?

edit: thank you for reply btw.

Yes, however, check the value first by typing ttt_use_weapon_spawn_scripts in your server’s console. If it’s already 1, then the problem lies elsewhere.

Thanks guys.