Terry and default cosmetics as a S&box base

So, seeing S&box will have a character creator with cosmetics and such, I thought it’d be cool if Terry, and the cosmetics you put on him, would be able to seamlessly translate into other playermodels if said playermodels had the option to do so.
For instance, if your terry is wearing a cowboy hat and a tuxedo, upon joining a Lego-inspired S&box server, the Lego playermodel too could have a lego version of the cowboy hat and tuxedo painted on the torso plastic piece (If the playermodel was made with this in mind).

How could this work?

Upon creating your Terry avatar, a cosmetic file could be created/modified associated with your in-game ID which servers and mods in those servers could read to create their own version of your Terry avatar, with their own playermodels and custom cosmetics if they choose to do so. This way, you won’t have to create a new character every time you join a new server with a non-default look and can just use the official default s&box character as a base. This would give much more use to the s&box character creator as it’d be more universal. Wanna play a lego game? You still have the same cosmetics as your default terry. Wanna play a realistic FPS? Your realistic character looks nearly the same as your terry, except with a more realistic style. Servers/mods that don’t want to go through the hassle of creating new versions of existing cosmetics could also just configure the default ones to work on their models.

This would imply the need for playermodel creators, if they choose to do so, to either corretly place the cosmetics on their character, or create new ones. Games like Tower Unite have a similar idea, however playermodel creators don’t have the ability to create new types of cosmetics to convert default ones into, rather custom playermodels can use any cosmetic you put on your default one. However, this would just be a choice, not a necessity.
It may also increase loadtimes, as the server will need to read your cosmetic file, and would also pressure mod creators to constantly update their custom playermodels if new cosmetics are released.
I also do not know how difficult it could be to implement this, as I have little programming experience.
Playermodels with this option enabled would likely have to be modeled naked or in underwear so clothes could be put on them afterwards.

This will keep people from insisting on changing the Terry playermodel.
Will make servers look more aesthetically varied, and have more possibilities.
Ease of use: Instead of having to create a custom character creator plugin, people can just use the default cosmetics as a base.
The character creator and cosmetics will become a more central part of the game
Would not limit the creativity of playermodel creators. This way, they can make custom playermodels as customizable as Terry without having to re-do everything. (Which would suck)
Custom playermodels will also become much more universal, as multiple people will be able to use the same playermodel, but due to the cosmetics, they’ll still look distinct from one another. As such, the workshop will be less flooded with similar-looking playermodels.

What do you guys think?

Cosmetics will likely work similarly to skins and game creators will have the option to implement them however they want. There will probably be functions that return the cosmetics items the player is wearing and you could check if the player should wear this item or replace it with something similar

I hope!
I haven’t seen any game implement cosmetics the way I’ve described though, most games just let playermodel creators adjust the cosmetics to fit their models without the ability to create new models to replace the default ones. Seeing the Lego playermodels mod in s&box got me thinking it’d be cool if we could. It’d be great if the playermodel file itself could have these custom cosmetic assets, so they can be used throughout multiple servers and wouldn’t rely on other plugins.

This is entirely doable with just saving player customisation options, and then looking up to see what the player has selected. It’s a nice idea, but not really relevent for a bunch of different games, how would this work in an RTS?

You’ll also be adding development constraints, since people who are creating their own characters and creatures would need to model all the ‘default’ cosmetics somebody may have selected.

I suspect we’ll get a proper avatar system made by the community before long, we just need to keep in mind that s&box isn’t a single game with mods like gmod. It’s basically a framework for making games.

I mean this isn’t intended to be something for all gamemodes, only those that want to use the cosmetics from the default character creator (Which would depend on the server, the plugins, the playermodels themselves, etc.). More than this being something to be used on every gamemode, it’s more of a possibility so content creators have more freedom.
Yes, it would probably make creating playermodels harder (Although only for those that want to add the cosmetics), but also offer more possibilities and regardless, if people don’t want their playermodel to work with the default cosmetics they should be able to decide whether or not their custom model uses the default cosmetics (Like Tower Unite), custom cosmetics or none at all (Like most games that don’t have the ability to add cosmetics to playermodels).
Personally I’m interested in making custom player characters and I’d love it if I could also have the ability to change the cosmetics so they translate from the default Terry to mine.

It seems we’re already getting a default Terry character creator with cosmetics and such, why not make said character creator a bigger part of s&box? If we can’t translate cosmetics from Terry to other playermodels, this feature would be wasted on servers that have less of a wacky style and thus, cannot use Terry without having to rely on third party mods. I’d prefer this over having to create a new character in every server personally.

if you make a game and wanna support that just look it up and use it to put a hat (with poop) on the player if they wear a supported hat

this should almost be the same as that:

(just without randomness tho)

and an RTS could benefit from it by changing the ground units depending on your set avatar :eyes:

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