Terry in Blender

Hey, just wondering if anyone has ported Terry to Blender (materials and nodes make my head hurt).

Yes, you can get the model in the wiki

No ‘porting’ needed. Just import the source files from the wiki into blender and job’s done.

Maybe porting wasn’t the right word. I know that the source files are on the wiki (like hell I have s&box), it’s just that I’m having a lot of difficulty putting the textures and model together (in particular, the eyes are weird as hell). I’m just wondering if anyone’s put both the textures and model together in blender.

maybe you shouldn’t have blended Terry in the first place. that’s what you get. now you have to put him together again.


Download Terry.Blend

Saw this thread and decided to make an easy .blend file.
Already have set up some stuff in skin material to change between skin colors.
You can mess around with this in the Shader nodes.

Hope it helps out :slight_smile:


Thank you so much man! This is exactly what I need!

omg you legend tysm <3

I might make a “Terry Resource” page, with all terry related things (Playermodels, viewmodels, cosmetics, all ported to Blender for easy use). If anyone would like to see that, let me know.

It’s better if you just add a section for it in the citizen wiki page, the modeldoc category in the wiki is already a bit cluttered and needs some cleanup.

Ah okay. Thanks for the tip.
Hey, would you happen to know where on earth I can get my hands on the cosmetic models and textures? I can’t seem to find a resource anywhere, and since I don’t own s&box I can’t get the files directly.

Those aren’t open source, you can ask someone who has S&box to export the models and textures for you though, Facepunch probably doesn’t mind.