Terry is Zen

Many years ago terry got into a battle with a chainsaw, he lost, and with it he lost both his feet. No longer being able to walk, terry focused inwards and mastered his mind. Only recently when duct tape was invented he managed to 3D print brand new feet and attach them to his body with 2 lines of the wonder tape. However, he had not foreseen that 3D printed feet are plastic. So in his stupidity he managed to get himself stuck to 2 pieces of plastic and still can’t walk. Currently, terry spends most of his days upside down hoping god will rip the plastic feet off. Until then, terry remains Zen:

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Pure beauty.

Is he wearing boots shaped like his feet?

You’d know if you read the story :confused:

Poor guy

What an amazing story lmao
gj :heart:

Man, Terry needs to brush his teeth :rage: