Terry rig test

Wanted to play around with seeing the three finger terry mesh in first person. I’m curious to know how the view model and world model animations would be done because currently its the rust hands. It’d be cool to see the same first person hands as the 3rd person model so you can see all the cool gloves, sleeves and skin options that will be available.


why is he decomposing

Fuck me that’s so fucking nice

Your IK chains are fucked mate x


Who cares, that’s the FP animation. Looks great, definitely better than the current Rust hands which are a bit jarring.

i mean you create similar animations for separate world model and view model so the view model looks crisp, and the world model does not look as janky, and then idk maybe be able to overlay gloves and such onto the view model like you can with the world model. but who knows, idk if stuff like that could work in gmod, but hopefully it can work here if there was a thing to somehow figured out the rig of the world model for the gloves and accessories and only grabbed the arms from the accessories rig to use for the view model then overlaid it on the viewmodel mesh??

but i may just be speaking nonsense
since idk what im on about much

I’d like to see a see a connected player/view model, one allows the player to see the customization they make to their character in the first person. I’m not sure how it will work out but I’m assuming it would be easier if there was just one model that is used for first and third person so whomever is implementing new models doesn’t have to fuss around with a 3rd person rig and a 1st person rig. Just one and done.

and yeah the animation isn’t the prettiest in 3rd person lol, but I can move the hand/arm around to make it look less broke.

You probably can do a unified 3rd and 1st person model/rig, but it’s probably not worth it. You’d be better off creating a world model/third person view of the cosmetic and then a first person version of it (which in turn would allow higher fidelity in fp).