Terry viewmodel arms + Viewmodel thread for s&box


Grab the Terry model from here: https://files.facepunch.com/garry/0d7ff859-f2e0-4fbc-bf0c-006ac3a37612.zip

The upcoming Rig update shouldn’t matter too much in this context.

Post your viewmodel arms/weapons for s&box.


thanks for making this, im going to use it for my s&box shotgun model

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Thanks for setting this up. Here’s something I whipped up real quick in lieu of fitting gun models:


Nice! I was thinking of doing something similar since getting a gun to fit right in Terry’s weird sausage hands is a bit awkward.

God I love the cartoon assets, hope there will be more of this in the future

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From what I heard be careful with these since what I been told viewmodel system is subject to alot of potential change so be careful incase it might not work

Yeah the whole game and API is subject to change, you’re right. But, I don’t see how anyone needs to be careful with meshes… :thinking:

So I got a bit inspired by @johnhamburglar 's video and decided to roll with it.
I have never made a viewmodel animation before, never even animated in Blender before, and overall I have very little animation experience, I made it in ~5hrs and tbh, counting for how little experience I have, I am really proud of it. Didn’t adjust any curves with this one, I’ll be sure to correct all the smooth in/outs with my next project.
What do you wonderful wizards think?

P.S There are no filters on the sounds, it’s all straight from my microphone, enjoy the ASMR gun.
P.P.S It’s a bit loud