TES:V Skyrim Daedric and Dragonplate armor.

You heard it right,
These two armor’s are the best that you can make and amazing in design.

First the concept art for both:

And the in-game one’s:



Would like it to be actually ported and released.
And if you can do it, Weapon’s for both.

Support! It may will be very useful.

You should probably bring this to the attention of oogaboogaman and haxxer, the two seem to be doing an excellent job at porting skyrim models so nothing could go wrong, IF they’d accept your request, that is.

Already requested from both.
just awaiting their answer.

I support this.

Yeah, I support this.

I do want to port a bunch of armour, but they will be on argonians and khajiit. I believe Nexus_Elite is doing the same for the nords.