Tesla Trooper

I made a tesla trooper suit.


The weapons it has are just prop spawners, again. Gathers up a “charge” of them and then releases it, targetting stuff within a cone. I think it turned out quite well.

Very nice.

Looks pretty sexy man, good job.

it is so awesome to… walk? :buddy:

get the video together now :3:

That is pretty sexy, you should upload a video when you can, I would love to see it in action!

GCX tesla cannon?

edit – intended as a possible suggestion for us non-ACF-ing …I know it was prop spawners, I read trolololol.

Prop spawners, actually. I don’t use GCX on any of the contraptions I build.

Yeah, Sestze is excellent with these prop spawner weapons. Like that junk suit that had the propane minigun. That, was badass.

So does this just target props? Or can it target players too?

Any entities within a forward facing cone - just using findInCone() to do it.

A big mech that zaps stuff and punts them flying.

That looks great.

TESLA! did a report on him and Edison is a asshole.

Wow, an awesome recreation both visually and functionally. I would love to see a video :v:

Looks awesome, a bit like one of those things that’s in the trailer for the iron man film, but this one has prop cannons!
My only complaint is that you didn’t post a video of 2 fighting each other.