Test Fast Dl

Hey folks forgive me if this is the wrong place to post, i did search around the fourms first but couldnt really find the right place to post this so ill start here…
basicly i have set up fast dl but how do i test that its working and people can get to the game server without waiting ages to dl addons…

Just so you know, i dont play this game, nor do i have any friends on steam to test for me i have only set up this server as a surprise for my sons (wish i hadnt started tbh learning the basics of lua was a massive learning curve lol) i wont post the game server ip addy as i keep reading you guys dont like that which is understandable as its spam advertising, so i suppose ive kinda got my hand out and begging for somone to offer to just load up the server and test if its accessable in a reasonable time for me…

Again sorry if this is in the wrong place if it is just please just point me in the right direction.


Delete files from your GMod client and join your server.

thanks for your response,delete what files the addons?

The files that you are going to test, duh.

no need to be a dick about it, i already explained im new to all this

How is that being a dick? I literally gave you the answer, it’s common sense.

well no its not common sense, do i remove the files from the addons folder or from my steam/gmod folder
do i make sure they are added to my collection and im not subscribed to them?
there are quite a few answers for those of us that are new to this…

Its becoming pretty apparent to me that this place has forgotten what forums are all about, firstly whats the point of you having help sections, so far whist reading through the forums ive seen about 4/5 people max that actually try to help people when they have problems, the rest of you just moan and whine about “eh im sick of people asking dumb lua questions”, “i can write that code with my eyes closed figure it out yourself its easy” blah blah blah its all the same everywhere i look you assume that everyone asking for help is either a 12year old or that they are too ignorant to learn lua for themselves…
The fact is some of us have full time jobs and a life outside of this game, some of us dont have the time to learn to write lua code outright and some are overwhelmed buy the sheer amount of things you need to know.
That is why they have places like this with help sections in, may i suggest to all those coders that can help people but dont and instead make stupid comments about how much far superior they are than you because they know the code, just don’t bother even looking at those sections as your no help to anyone.
the thing is right i wouldn’t be that bothered if this was a multi million pound business but you guys charge pretty much nothing for your scripts so i don’t understand why you all get so shirty when peeps ask for help.

For most of you this is just a hobby and you code in your spare time so i don’t understand why you find it hard to accept that someone else isn’t as knowledgeable as you with this game and just help them, Years ago i used to code HTML & CSS in my spare time and Ive lost count of the amount of people i helped with stuff, in fact i was always happy to help as i got some sense of achievement from helping someone who didn’t have the skills or time to figure it out for themselves…

If your just gonna moan about people asking for help or treat everyone like a dumbass then stop having a section offering help and just charge everyone for your time simple…

Sorry for the rant which is probably gonna hinder me getting any help at all in the future, but since the minute i signed up here ive been made to feel like a second class citizen and its not just me ive read alot of these so called help threads and like i said a small handful of people actually help the rest of you are useless and have no business posting in the help threads…

sorry to those of you that are helpful but it had to be said…:slight_smile:

-----------Edited last post instead of double posting, prob not gonna stop the powertrippers banning me tho-------------

You don’t need to know anything about Lua or have any more knowledge than the average 5 year old to do what he said.

Install this map on both the server and the FastDL: http://www.solidfiles.com/d/4ace1df5ab/gm_simple-test-map.zip

If you configured the server correctly (sv_downloadurl), then when you try to connect to the server you will download the map from the FastDL

Start the game with parameter “-console” and look for any error message like “can’t download file <map name> from <fastdl url>” (or something like that, I can’t remember exactly)

This is called having a brain.

ok first off ive sorted it by myself but instead of it taking two seconds it took me a few youtube videos to work it out, if you had just said yes to the addons folder it would of saved me messing around in google, and thats my point you could of just told me the folder and there would have been no dramas.

exactly the type of person i was referring too ^^^^^^

thanks defcon1 :slight_smile:

oh look another waste of space,^^^ you guys are really helping me to prove my point here so thanks for that! :slight_smile: