TEST- 'Grand cry auto'


Its a test to see if the link works because i just recived a new program that allows seperate photo URL’s to work. Theres no need to comment but go ahead if you wish.

error 403

put the picture in your public folder and then give us the link

…Got it.

Wont work.

Fuck ._.

Upload to filesmelt.


Filesmelt is good too. :colbert:

Cubeupload doesn’t delete images :smug:


We all know what a finicky bitch imageshack is :jerkbag:

Put the image in the folder named “PUBLIC” in your dropbox folder. Then go into the public folder and locate your image. When you have successfully located your image, right click on it and go under “Dropbox”. There you will click on “Copy public link.”

You will then paste it between an image tag:

Link goes in-between here.


Like this:


(image not related with what I am trying to convey to you)