Test Mule.

What is a Test Mule? It’s a car which has a body, which underneath is some sort of concept car.

*All Multi-Parented.
*Lays on a chassis.
*I have the dupe to just the body.

It’s pretty cramped inside also…

And I thought you had created a realisticly moving AI mule with laz0r eyes… sigh

Lololol, olol, ololololol.

I know right? Damn it…

I’m sorry, but a test Mule is just a concept in a under a standard body.

Me too!

What’s with the snowplow? :V

I’d get rid of the front splitter, it just looks silly.

Isn’t the “snowplow” a spoiler?

Lol cool, reminds me of the Gekko from MGS4 for some reason :expressionless:

Pretty nice, but i don’t like the pimpmod thing in front of it :V
And the… … THINGS THAT CONNECT THE ROOF TO THE BODY are a bit too wide.
Damn my English.

I can easily remove it though.

Nice job, but where did you get the wheels from? their so sexy.

They are found in:

Browse>PHX3>Xeon133>Racewheel/Racewheel Skinny.

and the concept part of this is…


Nice work man.

Your cars are getting better. Ditch that splitter and fix the exhaust. All the pillars could use some work (a b and c pillars).

I have the dupe anyway. It’s all parented.

The front splitter tail-fin thing makes the car look like something out of carmageddon:

as in, very sharp, very painful-to-get-hit-by.