Test Shots for upcoming possible comic ideas

Weyland-Yutani Commando Combat android units using the 2nd Generation Apesuit Hostile Environment armour for difficult planetary excursions and skirmishes
I do apologise for them not using M41A’s or Company issued M41B’s but I have not been able to download anything of gmod.org as my steam will not log in via the site, so creating things with scenes is very difficult atm… :confused:

But i hope you like them :slight_smile:




Hope they look okay :slight_smile:

I look forward to comments from you guys.

Thanks again.


The posing isn’t all that bad. Just the filters and overlays, etc.

I can reupload an M41A to another site for you if you want

This would be much appreciated if you can as it would make it much more authentic for the characters.
In the next few days im going to attempt to push them into a scene on the Acheron base as ive got the map for it.

@Jacknife :slight_smile: Thankyou for your comment, I shall try harder with making effects look more realistic :slight_smile:

here you go then