Testers Wanted - 1 Month Free Server's


What do you need?

We just got another box set-up and with the pending move to Garrysmod 13 we would like to give it a good testing before putting it online for our customers. So what we are offering is 7 Garrysmod and 7 CS Go servers for a month free. Just enter the promo codes below into the checkout on our site when ordering and the server’s price will be changed to £0 for a month, so we can gather some loading info for our server box. Also any criticism both good or bad are welcome just post here, PM me or send in a ticket, as we are always looking to make things better.

Why Daemon Servers Uk?

  • 100% Company Owned Premium Hardware
  • Fast download with Bzip Compression
  • Servers hosted in Rapidswitch Maidenhead, for great pings
  • Free MySQL with daily rolling 7 day backup


http://www.daemonservers.co.uk/ - Main Website
http://www.daemonservers.co.uk/serverstatus.php - Detailed Real Time Server Stats

Promo Codes?

Counter Strike Global Offensive - **B6N33XJ6UJ **

Garrysmod - YL8RCS2Z51

I tried ordering a server but its only garrysmod 12 aren’t you testing gmod 13?

I agree with mikesdav on this one. Instead of testing Garry’s Mod 12 you should be testing the Garry’s Mod 13 beta to see if everything is stable.

We did plan to offer Garrysmod beta servers, but with its current state we wouldn’t get much accurate usage data due to the stability and lack of addons for it. So we offered the next best thing, but the Garrysmod servers will become updated in 10 days anyway.

Bzip or bzip2 compression

Service was fast, server was up within a couple minutes of me ‘buying’ it. Reliable, easy to use interface. Overall great service, A+++

Bzip2 compression.


Garrysmod codes have run out but still have 6 Cs Go Ones, maybe add some more codes tonight.

Ordered a go server, it never made me enter any paypal information will the server just cancel in a month?

It will cancel or you can enter PayPal info if you want to stay after the first month, up to you :slight_smile:

Okay thanks for the server :smile: