Testing a .gma before uploading to workshop?

This is most likely trivial for most of you. But with summer here and nothing better to do, I decided to start making entities for gmod.
I wanted to start with a simple model and texture, everything went okay and I created a .gma using gmad.

Now when I put the .gma in the addons folder, it does not show up in the addons list in-game.
Is this due to an error in the compilation in the model (Even though gmad did not detect any.) Or is there a special way to access .gma’s in-game before they are downloaded from the workshop?

You should just upload it to the workshop, since when you upload it, its set to private, so only you can download it, so subscribe, test it like that, if it works then set to public.

Alright, i’ll go try that. Thanks for the quick reply.

You hardly even need to test it anyway, it should work just fine, the only time it didn’t for me, is when gmad.exe was broken.

I got it uploaded and it shows up in the addons.
Although it was showing up as a green circle and invisible, so I guess I got to do more research on getting models in proper.

And that is the perfect example of why I wanted to test it before uploading it to workshop Robotboy. Because I wasn’t sure if it would work proper.