Testing Area

This is my first map, so don’t be hard with me.






Download v1

Coming soon

Features in v2:

-Bigger Testing Area
Need more ideas!

Top tips for creating a great map.

  1. Come up with a niche idea…something new and different
  2. Spend time and effort on it, don’t release anything till you are satisfied.

Other tips, enter the mapping competitions to boost your skill, and post screenshots in the pimpage thread to get feedback before releasing anything.

I actually thinks that it looks good, just that some people gave me ideas and i would like to implement it in a future version

Not fullbright or blocky, thats a start.

As a first map, its not bad, but it isn’t stunning. The mapper is always bias towards his map.

I see what you did there, you decompiled the map from MI and edited it a bit. Dont decompile maps, edit them and recompile them and call them “your map”. Most credits go to MI Team/VALVe(For making the original one).

" it’s based on one shown in the missing info mod tech demo"
i’ve tried to make it look the same, but i’ll never copy nothing, that’s my map, just that i based on the MI one

I have a question: Test for what?

Test for ANYTHING (in v2 maybe)!

Push yourself…you will get nowhere just by copying other peoples work.

Get some inpiration for something unique.

i remade this map into the new engine, so i didn’t copy nothing, i remade that map

Are you gonna keep this map as orange?

You made have remade the map, but you admitted to copying the design. Thus, there is nothing original in the map.