Testing C4 on My Friends House

Link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zGGjP7H8_dA

Help me.What is the sense behind this Video?

Who records games with camtasia? This is the worst thing you can record a game with.

WoW, you ran all the way behind a rock and hid from C4 damage :smiley:
but you only need to be 5 feet away to be safe…

guys that’s obviously tutorial… see name of the video - how to :o

so if you aren’t so skillful with explosives as this guy, you can learn how to… how to c4 :slight_smile:

place on wall, run scared and miss explosion :rolleyes:

how to what? do a lil damage to a wall? at least explain that it takes 6-7 satchel charges to blow up a wall that has 1,000HP.

P.S. hold wood in hotkey and walk up to a wall u placed and hit the hotkey to repair. shows how much u repaired and #/1000 of current hp

Cool guys don’t look at explosions.

Pretty sure that’s on my server… (In future please only record awesome videos on my server).

Stop posting these shitty short video’s.


the rust community

You are the whole community?

that can’t be true…

isn’t more like 3 max?
well this expert wall demolisher from video surely know the truth :=

i was sarcastic obv… after i llost that few seconds of my life watching the video, i saw the name and smile :slight_smile:

oh… that’s what i’m missing :=

but for the purpose of video there should be explosion… like in the movies…


i never used satchels thats what iv been hearing so guess its wrong.

It normally takes two C4 to blow up a wooden wall, unless you’re doing something very, very wrong.