Testing Idle posing with the same soldier

:siren:Ignore the fact that it is on Gm_Flatgrass please, this is just to test the posing.:siren:


Tell me what you think and if i should improve. (Guy on right is holding an SMG by the way, it isn’t an oversized wierd pistol)

It looks good, the only thing I can say is that the guy on the right is holding the gun kinda weird with his left hand. I dunno, its nothing big. Posing looks fine

Looks more tense/alert than idle to me, but it is pretty good. The SMG is kinda ugly.

Very good posing.

And yeah, the left hand on that guy is a little weird.

I would say that the pose is pretty good. AA looks kinda low for some reason. I would raise it higher before taking a serious screenshot.

I’ll just point out to you about the AA, i didn’t raise it up at all because this was just testing out the posing of Idle soldiers.

I always put AA on full when i do my posing anyway. :smiley:


And thanks guys for the comments.

What’s up with the right arm of the left guy? It looks like it’s somehow trying to grow into his body.

He is stood there like getting ready as if to say, “Hold it right there citizen” (Like getting ready to take his Pistol out)

It’s on flatgrass…

Sorry but i am guessing you don’t read? (Top of OP)

Hey, whats up with the weird ass pistol?

It looks quite nice, I never pose soldiers because I suck at posing firing/standing with guns positions :confused:

Posing looks just fine

Thanks guys, i appreciate the feedback. :smiley: