Testing Lua's

Erm. I’ve been teaching myself Lua the past month or so and it’s been pretty limited because I don’t have a server to test my codes on. So I’ve been limited by putting it into lua/autorun/ and joining a server with script-enforcer off. Is there any other way to test stuff, like if I wanted to make a gamemode or something that required a server and server shit. Any suggestions other than what I’m doing currently? Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Setup your own local server, its not that hard, there should be plenty tutorials around, there should be one on the wiki.

Why not simply start your own listen server? Play - chose map - set settings - play multiplayer?
Then just lua_openscript or lua_openscript_cl?

Listen server sometimes have “differences” to a usual server - client setup.

Very slight ones, if any, when launching a multiplayer server, at least from what I’ve noticed, at least in terms of lua. As long as you’re sure what you’re running server and client side, there shouldn’t really be a problem with a listen server.

Yah I realized that right after I posted it xD Yup I set up my own LAN server. :stuck_out_tongue: