Testing my map in SB2.

I’ve been making a map for Spacebuild2 for a few weeks now and, although it’s turning out better than I expected, I can’t fully test the map until I actually play it in the gamemode it’s meant to be in - Spacebuild 2.

I compile it, place the .bsp in the Maps folder of Garrysmod/Garrysmod and the models/materials which i made for the map in the correct folder, but when I run Garrysmod not only can’t I change the gamemode I start in (the drop down menu won’t appear, and I do have the Spacebuild 2 gamemode by the way) but I also see that my map is “Other” whereas maps such as gm_new_worlds are “Garry’s Mod”.

I typed “Spacebuild2” into where “Sandbox” was and ran the map (and didn’t start with a physgun, but a stunstick for some reason), but none of the planets nor space had the properties they should have had (such as there being no air etc. in space (I followed the Spacebuild Mapping tutorial and placed logic_case s on every planetoid with the proper values.)

What’s going on here? I need help. Thanks in advance for any help, if I get any.

sv_gamemodeoverride console commands?

It got me into playing the map on the gamemode but now theres more problems: Everywhere makes you loose coolant and energy UNLESS you’re in shade and your air gets replenished in shade.

I think the tutorial I followed was for SB3, but I’m not sure. What do I do differently to set the properties of planets in Spacebuild 2? Once I’ve sorted this out making the rest of my map will be simple. I’ve put a lot of effort into the map and it would be a waste to see it just sit on my computer doing nothing.

Sounds like your kelvin is too high on the planet is all. (Its too hot)

Kevin is 273+Celsius (I think, you can blame me chemistry teacher)

Here is a tutorial on it, just mess around with the cases.

Err… I said that I’d done that tutorial, and thanks but I know what Kelvin is.

The temperature I’ve set for each planet works fine. The problem is that Energy and Coolant go down no matter what planet I’m on, even my spawn planets, and that as soon as I enter shade my coolant heat and air meter at the bottom disappears and they’re fully replenished.

If anyone has a decent tutorial for SPACEBUILD TWO, please…PLEASE tell me.

Instead of making a new thread I’ll just add to this one because I need help with both problems:

Now for some reason (even though I haven’t added any more grass, only a small spawn room isolated at the edge of the map with no detail prop emitting textures) the compile won’t complete because there are “too many detail props emitted”. I checked the number of detail props at the bottom and it said 1 out of some kind of ridiculous number beginning with a 2 which I can’t recall at the moment. I didn’t add any more grass to the map and now its telling me I have too many detail props when it worked fine before. What’s going on?

Open detail.vbsp and lower the amount of sprites used on the texture.

Ahh no worries I just realised I’d covered a mahoosive displacement with the wrong material which made thousands of detail props appear.

Thanks for the help anyway. :slight_smile:

Now I’ve got to continue to look for a solution to the original problem. :frowning: