- testing, or rather, lack thereof.

I don’t understand this. Either garry’s lazy, inconsiderate or I’m missing something here.

What I don’t understand is why these updates aren’t tested in some select team of beta testers for five minutes before publishing GMod updates publicly?

More than that. You release these half-arsed updates like the one now that means, because you couldn’t spend an extra five minutes test driving the new update, we can’t spend the next three days while you summon up the effort to fix the problem.

And this isn’t even the first time. This happens monthly, perhaps even more often, and it’s fucking rediculous.

All you have to do is create a damned SVN, pick a few people that are online, tell them to try the update and then ensure that you’re not about to make the entire game unplayable for everybody. Or alternatively, rollback the updates when they DO fuck shit up.

Unless I’m missing some impossibility or legal obligation by Steam not to distribute it, this just seems plainly irresponsible and assholish.

They are, it’s your fault for not downloading the GMod Beta SVN.

It’s obviously not being used very well if updates are still filtrating through whereas you can’t even connect to other servers, my dear pretentious little shithead?

I don’t see why you think you can talk down to me just because you have some half-formed opinion you fucking bottom-feeder peasant.

Correct me if I am mistaken but, are you extremely irritated?

A little bit.

Wow, people dont seem to pay any attention to whats going on at all

Go here:
Realise that it wasnt any lack of testing that caused this to happen.

My bad then. I always assumed that, because of the fact that it seems to the extent that there’s a 50:50 chance of updates rendering GMod unplayable, that it was due to lazyness/lack of testing.

FlapJack’s still a prick though.

Funny thing is you were too lazy to test the beta, so you fall into that category.

Did anybody here give you permission to talk, dear bottom-feeder peasent?

Anyway, this thread needs to die. Just wanted to let this dickhead know that he’s comparable to the scum that spawns from toilets.

Who the fuck is this guy.

Read your own posts before you start calling FlapJack a dickhead.