Teta Bonita Swep Base, no sound from guns?

Ok so every time i try to use a custom sound,i try it in game and there’s no sound, i can only use the standard css sounds, i edit

SWEP.Primary.Sound = Sound(“Weapon_G3SG1.Single”)

to the name of the sound file, and it dosent work i also try putting in the directory of the file, still nothing.
Any help would be great, this has been annoying me for a while thx :slight_smile:

For custom sounds, you need to code the weapon in a different way.
Take Kermite’s weapon packs for an example, look how he wrote his code and try to replicate it to how your weapon works.

If you’re still having issues, ask for help in the LUA Newbie Questions

Shits fucked up, i put all the weapon files into kermites swep pack, copied the deagle renamed it, and edited the lua code for models and sound, start gmod up goto weapons kermites pistol sweps, and click on colt anaconda (swep im making) and there’s reload sounds but no fire sounds, so i click on my original one in Other, there’s fire sounds but no reloading sounds? lolwut im confused

EDIT: found problem, notice in script its Sound, folder was called sounds, so i changed it and wallah!, but thx anyway would never of noticed the name of kermites sound folder if you hadn’t told me to look at his code, thx again :slight_smile: