TetanusShot[Fresh 2-4/ActiveAdmin/InstaC/Slpr/NoM4Craft]


After many hours enjoying Rust on other servers my small group of friends has decided to invest in a Rust game server of our own. Welcome to Tetanus Shot Rust Server!

Provider: HFB
Population Cap: 50 (will increase as needed)
Location: US Central
Mods: Oxide
Custom Loot: no M4 drops of any kind
Connecting: net.connect

Some of the server outcomes we are striving for:

o Rewarding events such as: scavenger hunts, public bases/arenas and air drop parties
o Fun for any experience level
o Zero tolerance for admin abuse
o Cheat/grief free environment
o Gradual reduction in military grade weapons

Our vision of Rust has roots in the weapons such as the Bolt Action Rifle and Revolver. Weapons that look and feel like someone crafted it with their bare hands. We are initially going to trail the elimination of automatic weapons starting with the M4. Depending on player feedback we can revert these changes or continue until we find a comfortable place with the military weapons and the ‘rustic’ weapons.

We will try to stay light on rules for the player base and let the community decide what is punishable by admins. Some items that are non-negotiable include racism, cheating of any kind and base griefing. We consider base griefing is a malicious attack on a base that results in the base becoming unusable (ie building a ceiling in place of a staircase, building a pillar in place of a wall).

Come check us out and see what you think.

Stay Tetanus free Rust!


I’m Thormus, One of the Admins of Tetanus Shot. If you are looking for a Server where you can steal and kill competitively this is it! Our goal is to create an environment where you can plunder your neighbors and enemies with stuff you have built inside the game without the worry of cheaters or griefers. If your interested join us!