Tetris Blocks Rip.

Hey, I was hoping someone could do me a favor and rip the models of all the tetris blocks from Tetris Party Delux. Its a Wii game so it shouldn’t be too hard I just don’t have 3DS Max available to me which leads me to my next point, could you possible rip them for cinema 4D?

Thanks a lot guy :smiley:


Why? Several reasons. In no particular order…

  1. This is not a general modeling forum. See up there, in the title? “Home > Forum > Garry’s Mod > Models/Skins”? This is a forum for Garry’s Mod modding. We don’t make models for use in animations or other games or such. Sure, we’re probably a good source for models, since you can rather easily decompile and import models from GMod into most editors, but asking us to rip a model from a game purely so you can use it for other stuff shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what we do. Hell, I don’t think many of us here even have Cinema 4D - it’s not really useful for our stuff.

  2. Tetris blocks are not hard to model yourself. Seriously, it would take me like five minutes to do them all - and I suck at modeling. Ripping them would be way more work than is necessary.

  3. The blocks in Tetris Party Deluxe are 2D (I checked some videos online, they’re absolutely NOT 3D). Someone could probably rip the textures, which you could use as sprites, but I don’t see how the hell you would expect to use them, unless Cinema has a magic “make this 3D!” button.

Here you go! The designs and colours are all based on the blocks from Tetris Party Deluxe :smiley:




Who is this imaginary ‘we’? I thought we were free to make whatever models we wanted for whoever we wanted without abiding by some self-important imaginary agenda that you’ve coerced yourself into believing this forum perpetually heeds.

All I ever see when I come to this forum are people like you being mean to the people who make requests without ever honouring a single request.

Why even post then? If you don’t know how to make models why are you posting in the model request forum just to be mean to people that are on the same skill level as you?

Not everything has to be ripped you know. They’re just cubes with some simple textures on them.

Thanks BabyFawnLegs I appreciate the help :smiley:

I’m not good at all in modeling, I did at least try to model the blocks first before I asked here, It didn’t come out the way I expected.

Dude dont be a dick.

No problem!

Alternatively, if you need something else and have a slight knowledge of Source SDK and Hammer Editor, you can try this:

Use Hammer as a basic model editor.

Might help you out.

One more question, How do I convert the .mld files to something I can open up in 3DS Max or C4D. I’ve been searching around and I found Mdldecompliler but I’m not having the best of luck with it right now.