Tex and Washington duke it out

While Grif clutches his balls in pain in the background.



Thanks to Enhanced AI for giving me suggestions on what to do to this. Any other C&C would be appreciated.

And yes it’s goddamn Red Vs Blue inspired.

Why halo there.

Really nice. Good work on the snow.

Booo, where’s me.

I am getting a modeler to make a model of caboose actually.

And a model of the META.

Make me a good avatar if you can, or send over the model.

I’ll be sure to when it gets made.


Nice use of displacement maps for the blood

I dig it.

The snow(?) looks waaay too flat and boring, use this instead:

As I’ve already mentioned - the snow could use a bit more depth than it has. Also if it’s snowing, the snow would get gradually thicker further in - since you have nothing in the background to block the thickening.

The guy in the back got blue balls.